We invite you to practice yoga in a quiet environment, small groups with personal attentions, in a professional and fully equipped studio.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants. This allows personal attention and a pleasant atmosphere in the lessons. please check availability before coming to class.


The Studio is located at an authentic old house at 33 Hebron Rd. (just near Dan Boutique Hotel and Mount Zion Hotel), Jerusalem.


Price in NISdescriptionmembreship&class
55first-timeTrial class
240X10one class a weekX ten monthsYearly Membership
280one class a week X three monthsSeason Membership
300one class a weekMonthly Membership
75010 classes valid up to 3 monthsMonthly Membership
350one-on-one 90 minuetsPrivate Class

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here are a few things you should take into account:


Come in any comfortable clothing you have. During the winter, I recommend bringing warm clothes that you could remove after the first few minutes of practice, and then cover yourself when reaching relaxation. pants should allow the view of the feet and ankles. One can come with socks, but must take into account you will probably need to remove them during practice.

Food & Drinks

You should you eat and drink water on a day of a yoga class. However, two hours before practice I recommend not to eat heavy meals. If you are hungry eat something small (salad, some bread or soup) but bear in mind that the practice affects the digestive system, it is better to practice on an empty stomach. Eating before class might cause feeling of heaviness during practice.


It is advised to arrive about five – ten minutes before class, in order to take a mat, visit the restroom and ease into the practice – so we can start and finish on time.

State of mind and health issues

Please inform me at the beginning of practice if you feel weak or if you have a cold. If you have gone through any surgery or if you suffer from any chronic condition – please let me know soon so I could fit the requirements of your body postures. If you are upset, tired or in any emotional condition that requires attention – please let me know.* Menses – Please inform me at the beginning of class if you're bleeding. Bleeding that accompanies exhaustion or fatigue, headaches, back or other pain requires attention and suitable adjustments during your yoga practice.

Iyengar Yoga with Agi

Hebron Rd. 33
Jerusalem 9354617



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